Quick flight around the Italian Amalfi Coast

Few places in the world like Positano, Ravello & Amalfi… So I had a bit of fun editing here… No talking; just listen to the music & enjoy the view!


Love the video Ian, top of the tree that one!.
Hoping to get to the Amalfi coast on our cruise this year !.

It’s an amazing place! But you need a car to enjoy it fully… Most cruise ships stop at (the still quite lovely) Sorrento, which is facing the Bay of Naples, not the Amalfi Coast…

Great Video Ian

ok i am going to say this and hope you agree

The Osmo Pocket would have done a better job in the hand held portion i do

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should be spending 3 weeks there 2 separate weeks on board ship, then ashore in hotels in the middle week, I will no doubt car hire to be able to get around the sights.
Daughter is working on “Oasis Of The Seas” for 10 months !! (3 months in the Med) before it goes in for a Major refit.

Lived & worked as a photographer in Italy for a year as a youngster, this brings it all back, wonderful! :+1:

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You’ll love their coast road.:rofl: especially when you meet the oncoming buses…

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We went there a few years ago to Naples & took a private tour of the Amalfi Coast.

We have booked to go again in May because we just love that area however I now own a Mavic 2 Zoom, how did you find taking your drone over on the plane? (Bear in mind that Brexit will be over but I doubt that would effect drone control at customs).

Any tips about taking a drone to Italy?


Try looking here

Read some of my posts in regards to Italy, I had a great time on my 2 weeks around the Med.

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