Quick question about the for sale section

Is it strictly drones in the for sale section because I have a couple of photography bits for sale I.e lowepro bag and manfrotto tripod didn’t know people on here would be interested in any of them as it’s slightly related to drone photography, thanks Lewis.

If you look back at the sold items I don’t think there would be a problem.

But I’m sure if you post something not allowed it would be “adjusted” by admin.

Some details about what should and shouldn’t be listed in the #for-sale-wanted category : About the For Sale & Wanted category

Hi Lewis,

What lowepro bag do you have for sale?


Hi, it’s a lowepro Tahoe bp 150 in blue


No problem, was needing something a little bigger.

Thanks anyway

No worries that’s why I’m selling this one as I’ve just upgraded to the lowepro DroneGuard 200