Quick Shots

Anyone used the new DJI Quickshots features yet. Be goo to hear anyone’s experiences.


Yep tried them today very good…
The Mavic had a bit of a hissy fit first off, think it was due to the updates but a reboot and all was good again…

O my fav is the Helix :+1::grinning:

I’ve not even looked to see what these do yet!

Is the helix the same thing as the Spark was advertising when launched? The upwards spiral thingy wotsit?

yep they do thingy spiral , woosh, vroom way good dude…

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Is this something in the new FW?

I’ve not updated yet

I’ve installed the update but the new modes are not displaying. Anyone else had the problem?

Have you upated both app and firmware ?
One problem I have just encountered Litchi will not connect to the Mavic and then I wem=nt back to Go4 and that refused to connect ???
So once again a full shut down and reboot go4 loaded but no Litchi…

I had to uninstall and re-install the DJI go app for the new functionality to be available

iOS or android @ShaunD mate?

IOS V11.

Tested the modes last night and all world well.