Quick trip to Flamborough

Hi everyone so busy at the minute with all sorts but weather so good last night i finished work and thought I’d go for a quick fly at Flamborough in East Yorkshire.
Lovely night really enjoyed it.
Hope you like the photos

And a couple from my phone


Great set Neil - particularly like the sunset and the “formation flying” :clap: :clap: :clap:


Thank you. Just by chance walking back to the car got the geese. Really nice spot water was so clear.

Great photos! I don’t think I’ve ever seen the water so clear there before.

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Excellent pictures, as a newbie this will give me something to aim for.

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Thank you. Yes the water was very clear. Tempted to swim but didn’t much fresher than in my mind :joy:.

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Hi Neil, we have arrived from Coventry today to stay near Filey for two weeks on caravan site i know Flamborough taken photos there too might visit some time with my drones, can’t wait to see them flying again, we might meet, great pic’s

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Hope you have a great holiday. Im always up to meet to fly. If you go for a fly let me know if I’m free I will go. I was going to drive to Filey but run out of time.

hi Neil79, we are at Crows nest caravan park, a very windy today but here for tow wks.

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Lovely pics!

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