Rabbit Ings Country Park - Added to Parks & Recreation in the Yorkshire & the Humber region on the map at DroneScene.co.uk

I have has just added this to the UK Map of places to fly your Drone at https://dronescene.co.uk

It is NOT permissible to take off or land in the country park due to Drone Flying restrictions in force by the park owners.


I am the Ranger on Rabbit Ings Country Park and I have found that you have put a video on youtube and this piece informing people that they can fly on Rabbit Ings Country Park.

We don’t allow drones to fly on Rabbit Ings, so I would politely ask you to remove the video and this information from Grey Arrows Drone Club please.

A better way of contacting me is via rabbitings@gmail.com.

Thank you

Mick Birkinshaw


I have added a note to warn users about drone flying restrictions in place in the country park.

If you wish the video to be removed from the public domain, please contact the user directly via the YouTube page at DJI Mavic Pro Raw Footage - YouTube or if you feel the video is in breach of law, please contact/report the video via YouTube.


Thank you for your assistance.