RaceGOW - 2!

Well digital for tiny whoops, only real choice is HDZero. The 2024 mob6 eco, good choice for that. Definitely get ELRS in 2024.

Problem with the Zorro is battery life. I’ve not charged my TX16S since starting racegow weeks ago, and believe the boxer or jumper T20 have decent batteries too

Thank you some good tips for me to research :+1:

I’ve got an Eco kit sitting on my desk. Hoping to build up a new 65mm on Thursday.

Yeah, the battery is the big downer with the Zorro. I don’t usually get to fly for more than 30 minutes at a time, but if you were setting off for a full day of flying you’d need several sets of spare batteries. A crap design choice by Radiomaster really tbh. That’s why I think the Boxer is better. Also limited power by comparison, although that bothers me less.

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You can always upgrade the module. I think mines 250 and tbh way outlasts video. It’s ancient lol.

30 minutes? That’s bonkers I can go weeks if not months between charges. Great radio ruined by the battery!

Live stream at 20:00!!

Hopefully live


Well, if you’re mad, you could run a DJI Avata around it, but who’d do that whilst they bored off of work this week, with crap weather so no outdoor flying?!

Did 4 laps before I got bored, and decided not to go any better, there are the best 3 of the 4! What lovely video quality compared to the analogues…

Longer to do one lap than it’s taking me to do 3.5/4 on the whoop! lol!

(Sorry about the legs, I just got back from a run!)


When I’m watching the real fast guys I often turn playback down to quarter speed.
So I just went the other way with this and watched it at double speed - it was great!

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Final submission for track 4. Loved the flow of this one and fit in my lounge without moving stuff. Actually was from 3 laps when I live streamed after a few beers…beers helps it seems…