RAF Alconbury,

Bomb Store

For over 70 years, RAF Alconbury,
like so many sites across East
Anglia, played a central part in
military operations over Europe.
It was an operational air base from
1938 to 1995, during which time
it came under the control of both
the British and American Air Forces.
The legacy of that time – hangars,
control centres, bunkers and huts
– reflect a complex and fascinating
history, intertwined with the
communities that surround the


Great panoramas! I used to spend quite a lot of time at Alconbury when it was an active airfield with RF4C Phantoms based. Rather sad to see how it is now and had some difficulty orientating myself around the pictures, until I recognised the wood at Owl End, where we used to go and sit on the fence (it really was just a farm type field fence!) right next to the taxiway and so clsoe to the aircraft. Used to get a visit from the USAF security police from time to time but they were OK with us being there.

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That’s great you like the pictures and it’s good to hear your stories my dad was a serviceman at Alconbury in the 70’s and I had a job their in 1984 cleaning the American football stadium after the game :rofl: