Random quad fleet photo

So as I was cleaning out the drone store I thought I would take a pic of my current fleet…

Top left unmannedtech source one kit (free review sample)
Top middle 6” sabotagerc dingo running Dji fpv has
Top right zoefpv unicorn build (still being built due to me ordering a stack that doesn’t actually fit doh)
Bottom left newbeedrone brushed whoop
Bottom right Mobula 7

In the garage I also have

Zohd orbit
S800 skyshadow
Tbs capi 2 wing
An axn floater


This gets you the Fleet Operator Badge on your profile! :+1:

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The big question is what do I build next after I finish the unicorn?

You want to rebuild my Diatone 349hd? The flight controller, 3 motors VTX RX and ESC (probably…) still work…! There would be a month of pints in it…?

Drop me a pm mate


No room in the house for bulky wings

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Thought I would post a current fleet update picture
Top left holybro cinewhoop
Top middle armattan badger 6s fettec build
Top right zoefpv unicorn
Bottom left source one
Bottom middle brushed newbeedrone thing
Bottom right Mobula 6

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