Rapeseed Fields Romsey near Winchester, Hampshire

Flew my DJI Mini 2 drone over a number of rapeseed fields at Romsey near Winchester, the fields smelt as good as they look. I hope you enjoy it.


Beautiful good job :clap: @anon10131272

Thank you

I live in Romsey, can’t picture where this is. Always looking for new flight opportunities

It’s on the way out to St John’s Church at Farley Chamberlayne. You might not class it as Romsey, but that’s the closest place to it I think.

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I know it well there is an airstrip up behind the farm which is active. According the the farmer last week when I asked about permission

Loved it and the sound track is sublime, really nice. Loved the closing scene which really gives a sense of climbing the mountain so to speak, I enjoyed it, well done and thank you for sharing.

Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed it👍