Ready for my first flight!

Hi everyone,

Just received my new drone (Mavic 2 Pro), passed my pilots course, and paid my £9 - and importantly, joined this terrific forum👍

As a newbie to drone flying I’ve got lots to learn and finding suitable locations to fly in my area is my first big challenge. I am based in the far south west of Cornwall with access to some of the most dramatic coast line and scenery in the country, but due to visitors finding a stunning coastal location away from people is going to challenging at this time of year - does anyone have any suggestions for a suitable location in my area to hone my flying skills and get used to the controls and handling? I have looked on the suggested web sites but not much is suggested for my neck of the woods☹️

Any help would be much appreciated.


Most of the coastal areas are crown estate essentially means it belongs to her Maj the queen and drone flights are granted over most crown estate.

GADC also have a website on where to fly. There are many filters you can add and remove. Although I holiday there regularly I don’t know the area well enough to give advice on where to fly. But be careful around any of Cornwalls many RAF and RNAS as these will have no fly zones (NFZ) around them.

Welcome to GADC Peter hope that you are able to learn a lot whilst being a member of a great forum.

Have you added yourself to the member’s map yet?

Firstly welcome to GADC, you are very fortunate to live in a amazing part of the country but yes unfortunately everybody goes there, my answer would be very early first light flights , not many tourists get up early , I find it a really great time to fly.

Hi ManShed and thanks for your information And advice, makes good sense.

As you say I need to keep clear of the military bases, ironically exactly where I live in Mullion Cove I am completely covered by the Predannack airfield and directly inline with one of its runways so can’t even practise in my own garden😳

Hi alexmciver, and thank you for your warm welcome. Joining the forum was my first action after the ‘legals’ were sorted, I’m sure I will learn masses👍

Yes, I have placed my pin in the members map, thanks.

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Hi scottydog, thanks for your welcome. That’s a great suggestion and absolutely true, thanks for that🤔

I count myself as very lucky living on the coast of Cornwall, look forward to getting some great aerial footage😎

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Hi Pete. Being new too I’ve been looking forward to getting in the air. Today being a bank holiday there were tourists everywhere so it’s just a matter of patience. Got there in the end and well worth the wait. As mentioned get out early and being costal based where the tourists gather, just go inland a short distance and the tourists thin out dramatically. The coast will always be there for another time. Happy flying.


Hi Hellcat, thanks for your reply👍

It great to be able to relate to someone new too. I hope you enjoyed your first flights, I can’t wait, although a tad apprehensive at the same time, just want to get my first few flights safely behind me too.

The advice regarding early flying makes so much good sense, and that’s what hopefully I’m going to do tomorrow, and the weather down here looks great for it - wish me luck!:crossed_fingers:

Yes it’s very nervy first time but once you realise that it’s not going to run away from you then you relax and start to enjoy it.

TIP… keep an eye on it. once you get out beyond a 100m or so they’re easy to lose sight of in the sky. I got distracted once today and couldn’t locate it even though I could “see” through the camera where it was. I must fess up that at this point I bottled it and pressed the RTH button. :rofl:


Hahaha, I’m sure the same will happen to me sooner or later Hellcat, but thanks for sharing your experience today, I’ll take heed of your advice. To be honest I’ve preset the drone into ‘Beginner’ mode to restrict the drone to, I believe, a 35 metre radius from the controller, hopefully this will keep me safe until I build experience and confidence in my handling skills. Can’t wait to give it a go! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Flying just before sun rise was advise given to me by a member here with great experience, it generally less wind very quiet great light and there is generally no one around to bother or distract you , it’s well worth the early start

I’m getting the feeling that early morning flying is the answer, and the sunrises here in Cornwall are awe inspiring, so hopefully some great images too - if I remember to press the shutter😳! Tomorrow’s weather is looking great so I’m going for it, must remember to set the alarm🤯

You won’t be disappointed, dont be over stressed by worrying about get pics and videos for your first flights if you get them great if you don’t there is always next time , where I live I can fly anytime weather permitting but starting 10 mins or so before sun rise is always the best and most enjoyable so get out there and enjoy

As @scottydog says don’t get stressed about getting those pics and vids but I’ll just say. Hit the record button and fly. It looks good on the feed but when you review the footage and get the colour and detail it’s awesome to see. I’m still going through todays footage and still keep seeing things I missed while concentrating on flying.

I’m setting my alarm too. Can’t wait to get back out there.


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Hi Pete and welcome to the forum. You live a beautiful part of the country, looking forward to seeing some of your photos and video. Happy flying :+1:t2:

So looking forward to my maiden flight, and you’re right, I’ll be more than happy just to master the controls and land in one piece rather than trying to make an Oscar winning movie😉

I’m taking the general advice and having an early start whilst most of Cornwall is just waking😴, and besides sunrise here is heaven!

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I’m Jealous. Me want awesome sunrise.

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Hahaha, well Hellcat, you know where to come😉


I would always recommend hitting record at take off even if you don’t use the footage , if for nothing else should a disaster happen (god forbid ) that footage will help find the drone , I always hit record then stop it and start again when I see what I want to record or take pics then record again until I’m back then later in review delete or keep as appropriate.

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