Recommendation for a vtx/camera combo for a 3" quad

I’ve been using an eachine tx06 with my 2" quad. I was going to use the same with the 3" quad I’m planning.

But having spent several hours messing with the tx06 getting the camera to work (the osd and tx worked fine all the time) I’ve decided that really I want something a little more reliable. And also something where I can mount the antenna at the rear, so as not to get in the way of any HD camera I may mount.

I don’t want to spend much, but I’m looking for suggestions…

BTW… I did eventually get the tx06 to work.

You can’t go wrong with the TBS Unify pro32 nano for smaller builds. With the camera what size does the 3" frame accommodate?

If it takes a micro size (19x19) then you can’t go wrong with a caddx ratel, they also do that camera in a nano size (14x14) called the baby ratel. I’ve used both in some of my builds also the runcam nano racer I used in my light weight 5inch build that does a decent job as well. :+1:t2:

But like everything at the moment the unify pro32 nano VTX is out of stock everywhere I’ve looked I’ll still drop some links for you but just note they are out of stock :man_facepalming:t2:


Micro FPV camera (19x19):

And the nano version (14x14):

Runcam nano racer (14x14):

Hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’d agree with all of the above.

I took @DeanoG60’s recommendation and added tbs vtx to my tinyhawk and also have used the caddx ratel on two of my drones.

With the vtx being out of stock it may be worth considering the crossfire sixty9 as an option.
In stock here TBS Crossfire Sixty9 (RX + Unify VTX) – Unmanned Tech UK FPV Shop


The frame will be my own design. So I can build make it fit whichever camera I like.

Thanks for the list. I’ll have a look at them all.

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I don’t think I want to start with crossfire stuff. I am not sure what it is exactly but I’m only using a flysky i6x transmitter.

So with the pro32 not available anywhere (including China!) What about the pro which I have found in Hong Kong.

I quite fancy that first camera suggested, though of course its out of stock…

Maybe this one then…

That’s a mini FPV camera (22x22) my only concern with a 3inch quad is weight, ideally you’d want to keep the weight as low as possible. So better suited to a nano or micro rather than the mini. I guess depends on what motor and battery voltage (1s 2s 3s) you’d be running and what 3inch props you choose a heavier quad is going to need more thrust to keep it in the air.

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As for the VTX I don’t really have an experience with the pro nano as I’ve only ever used the pro32 nano and it’s amazing upto 1w of output power (check your local laws, I’m in no way suggesting you should use a higher power output than what is legally available :wink:)

As for crossfire, you should definitely look into it as you will never have to worry about failsafes ever again :ok_hand:t2:

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Lol… I’ve never worried about failsafes anyway… as I don’t know what they are.

As for camera, of course that runcam you suggested is in stock…so perhaps that.

A failsafe is when you lose radio link.

Yeah the Race nano is a nice lightweight camera I use it on my lightweight 5inch:

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Totally understand - crossfire is an alternative to flysky but more focussed on longer ranges.
So because of that, you get fewer crashes (failsafes) due to being out of range.

The theory is that a standard VTX will lose signal before a crossfire RX will.
The sixty9 combines crossfire VTX and RX in one so better signal from both for longer range but will of course need a compatible TX such as a tango 2 or a crossfire module.

I now have 5 drones and one in build that all use the same tx & rx so made sense for me.

Hope that helps

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I’ve gone in and found how to set failsafe up on my flysky.

Now shortly after the transmitter is switched off the drone shuts off automatically.

I think the main purpose of a failsafe is to cut the motors when the rx is out of range.
In most cases you would set it to drop or to trigger gps rescue so that you can recover the drone without it flying away out of your control.