Recommendations for new drone

What do you recommend purchasing (aside from the fly more combo) for a new drone? Prop guards? controller protector?
Also - what filters should i be looking at for the future?

Cheers in advance

These are great


That might stop me forgetting to take the gimbal lock off !

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Exactly why I got it.

Easier to remember before power up and much easier to fit than the fiddly gimbal lock.

Surprised DJI haven’t copied it yet.

I use the same 2in1 gimbal lock/cover too :+1:

But I keep the original gimbal lock in the flight bag as it’s handy to use when fitting ND filters.

@franco I’ve a load of Mavic bits going cheap in the #for-sale-wanted section </shameless_plug>


You boys are costing me money :joy: just had to get one

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Cheers for the input guys.

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Apart from the 2 in 1 gimbal cover I’m struggling to think of any essential accessories outwith the combo.

An obvious one but memory cards. Good to have a few in case you lose one or it gets damaged in the field or you forget to take previous stuff of it.

Filters I use polar pro cinema series. There are cheaper options as well. You wont need filters for stills and I suggest you see how you get on first as many people are happy without them.

That’s about it to be honest.

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If your not using a mat to take off and land, I got the PYGtech extended land gear, just enough to keep your MP out of the muddy grass.

also something like a Velcro strap to keep the Props in place, not so much as in transit but when you put it in and out of the bag or whatever you carry it in.

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The powerextra multi charger from amazon, charges three batteries and the controller sumultanously saving loads of time!

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I wish i bought that instead of my current multi charger…

How long does it take to charge all 3 batteries?

Depends how low the batteries are but I would say about 40 minutes if at 30% (although I’ve not actually timed it)…

Much quicker than original charger then.

Been holding off on it for a while. Might need to get one.

Mine was great… until I brought 2 more batteries (5 in total), so now can’t charge all at once lol

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Highly recommend the charger above and thanks for the heads up on the 2 in 1. Just bought myself one :+1:

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Just bought the charger and some suspension legs/landing gear extensions.

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Have you sourced a drone yet @franco??

We had ideal flying weather today!

My drone arrives tomorrow. I’ll be out until evening. Working all week :slightly_frowning_face:

I went on a walk with the family today, wouldve been some nice drone photos to be had.

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Has it arrived Fran??? Exciting times :clap:t2: