Recommended company to hack my DJI Air 2S?

Can anyone recommend a company to hack my air 2s I want tripod
Mode back also can I ask the cost if you have had it done
Thanks billy

Hi Billy @Superlagerlout and welcome to Grey Arrows.

There are no companies in the UK that will do this for you.

What exactly do you need? Are you willing to do any of it yourself with guidance?

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Do you just need it to fly slower?

Parameter mods may be an option for you, again if you’re willing to do some of the legwork yourself.

Check this out:

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been looking for a few days I know about drone hacks frankly it’s well beyond me I wouldn’t have clue I couldn’t even find parameters on Google. I tried drone doctor no joy so this was my last hope billy

Sorry I’m absolutely clueless with computers and having watched the drone hacks on utube. Iv no chance my best home was here that’s why I was looking for a company to do it. Thanks billy

Thank you for your time I love the 2s but changing tripod mode on the previous air 2 to cine mode on the 2s ment an increase of 5x faster
Not great for hovering just above the river filming having lost 1 drone under a bridge I’m a little more careful my wife got me a new computer
For me last year and it’s never on so flashing firmware clueless
Thanks billy