Recommended/Must Have Accessories for Mini 2

I already see the value in ND filters, as I’m also an amateur photograper I have them for my camera equipment. Is there anything else I should be looking for? I have just ordered the Mini 2 fly more combo but it doesn’t come with prop guards, are they recommended? I’ve only ever played with toy drones before.


Prop guards aren’t needed, unless you’re planning on doing a lot of indoor flying.

Other accessory I’d recommend - a lanyard for the controller,

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Only add weight taking you over (I believe) 249g.
I would buy more props rather than the guards.

Extra battery possibly,
Extra SD card,
Strobon crees and @ash2020 's clips
Protective case if you intend to pack it in a bag.
Protective case to put the protective case in to pack in car (just me being OTT)
Landing Mat

I could go on but my missus might read this and kill me!


Definitely a hard case of some sort that will at least mean you can stop using the gimbal cover and prop strap thing which in my opinion are just too fiddley.

I have a case for the controller that also fits nicely with the sticks attached so I don’t need to keep unscrewing them.

SD cards and spare ones for when you forgot to put it back in the drone after copying stuff off. Driving 90 minutes out and unpacking your drone and realising you can only take low quality pictures because the SD card is still sat n your desk (I may have done this more than once, never again)

A decent bag to pack it all in along with any other photography equipment you may lug around.

Spare props for sure.

I have a landing mat but I never use it if I’m honest. Learn to hand launch and land.

ND filters.

Any recommendations to shop for the strobon Crees? Need to get this sorted with daylight getting less by the day.


cheers for the replies so far. I am intending on flying indoors a little as it could prove handy. The fly more kit comes with 3 batteries and a bag to put it all in and I already have some different sized flight boxes for my camera gear. The LED’s and clips look a good shout though! I’ll check them out. And you’ve just reminded me about sd cards, I have plenty for my cameras but no micros to fit the mini.

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I’ve not seen any hard cases (for any drone) that also protect the gimbal. Can you point me in the right direction?

GADC members get a hefty discount on these, try a few searches here :+1:t2:

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Not for a Mini :wink:

Hand catch and launch every time.

As for must haves, a decent power bank with fast charge for while you’re out and about .

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Not for landing the Mini but handy for putting all the kit together out of the long grass.


I had thought of a powerbank, but, I have a brand new deep cycle battery that came out of my ride on mower before I replaced it earlier this year. So I was planning on using that to charge up from the boot while out and about. Not so handy for carrying about as a power bank I suppose but it wont cost me anything, I just have to rig something up to drop the voltage.

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Two crocodile clips direct to a USB outlet :+1:t2:


This kinda thing:

And stick a decent USB plug in there, job done :slight_smile:


not for me yet though :frowning:
Guess I’ll have to get posting more

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These are what I have. I’m not saying it fully protects the gimbal but I’m done with that piddley piece of plastic that I will eventually break putting on/off anyway. Or worse by turning it on and having left the damn cover on causing the camera to get jammed during self test. I’m sure more are of the preference it’s safer with it on but it’s down to personal choice.

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I have these as well very good to throw in any day bag

These are pretty and still in use by me


Does it protect the gimbal at all?

It looks like it’ll just be rattling round in the hard shell like mad? :scream:

Or are you wedging foam or something under it to keep it still?

It looks like the case I have for throwing in the camera bag. If it is, unless there is additional foam involved, the gimbal will move freely.

Theres some bubble wrap at the bottom. I’ll take a pic when I get home, as today one of the odd days I’ve not put it in the car…just in case…

The gimbal happily moves around even with the protector/cover on. Not as much, but it does.

DJI don’t even sell the damn things separately, so a fiddly protector which clumsy big hands must easily crack getting on and off isn’t seen as an important accessory even by the vendor.

The hard case is also packed into a LowePro bag and everything is sectioned in tightly, nothing moves, so the hard case isn’t getting tossed about in a bag.

I’m much more likely to break the gimbal by crashing the drone than I am transporting it, unless I fall down a hill and roll down helplessly like a sealion.

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