Recovering drone from a tall tree

Hi all. Just back from only 3rd trip out, and youngest son managed to fly our new drone into a very tall tree on Southampton Common. Yes I know. I should have been more on it. But here we are. I’ve seen a couple of Youtube videos about people recovering drones from trees by firing a projectile with a line attached to loop over and shake the branch, but don’t know if I’m up to it. Has anyone tried this? Anyone local fancy a challenge - and helping out a newby?

@Steviegeek is your man, he knows all about recovering drones from tall trees. :+1:t2:


Where’s local??

I’ve had no joy with projectiles on string
Methods that have worked for me are…
Enticed young daughter to climb up.
Extendable long pole, with tall buddy, to knock it down.
Paid £65 for a tree surgeon to recover my £1,000+ drone, bargain :grinning:

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Southampton - bit of a way from you I fear!

Bow & arrow works well with the string.

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A few near by

Grapnel on a line attached to another drone ?

That sounds like a recipe for 2 drones in a tree :deciduous_tree: :grin:


Fisherman friend :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Roach pole and net, some have really long poles :sunglasses::flushed::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Depending what model drone it is and how much it is worth to you?

Ring some local tree surgeons there job is climbing trees. They may charge you an hours labour :man_shrugging::man_shrugging:

Small price to pay.

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I got mine stuck in a tree a long while ago. Emailed tree surgeons and council.

Got a call from the council tree surgeons the next morning, they picked me up, drove me over, climbed up, got it back. I bought them both a crate of beer to say thanks!


That’s a result :+1::grinning:

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I went back the following day after getting mine 120foot up tree with enough equipment to make Bare Grills happy to find the wind had blown it down. Its now awaiting repair for broken front prop but other than that fine. lovely widow as it flew and got stuck though :slight_smile: wish u all the best.

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Post the video ;o)

Says I can’t up load video as new user :disappointed:

Upload to youtube and post the link ?

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Method I have seen work well is a bunch of bamboo gardening stakes gaffer taped together.


I had same problem , managed to recover with fishing rod and line with a 12 inch tree branch tied to the end.
Worked for me :+1:


12Victor has it. Couldn’t see the projectile thing or the stakes working (100 feet plus, and lots of branches). But prompted by you, I thought I’d nip out this morning after a stormy night just in case. Can’t see it, but there’s a bin cart sitting a few feet away. And the drone in it on top of all the rubbish. Think the binman must have recovered it and left the cart there to preserve it from thieves and signal to owner (me) that it was inside. 2 stands and 1 guard missing, despite scouring the area. All up, though, good news. And I owe him one.