Red Kite attack...DJI FPV Drone

I’d just wanted to orbit this tree at the bottom of our flying patch, I made a hasty retreat…:rofl:


is it me .Can’t get pictures with sound ?

Volume too low on recording…

me too, audio only :slightly_smiling_face:

Hit the 3 little dots to download…

I’ll upload to YouTube…

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that works

thats even better :smiley:

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The dreaded HEVC, will work fine on most things iOS ;o)

One of the reasons we stopping video uploads

Works fine on my android …

And a few android devices too

All three of mine. :man_shrugging:

Let us know the URL when done @Njoro and we’ll replace the link in the first post and delete all the replies about who can play the video and who can’t.

You can have your thread back then :slight_smile:


Was that a ghost at 0:28? :ghost:

What the… :point_up:

Brake button works ;o)

I somehow left it on H265 which has given me a headache so far. I’ve converted it to H264 but the quality has nosedived hence the Ghost @ 0:28 I think.

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