Red Sky In Morning... Drone Pilots Dream!


Went out this morning with the purpose of flying the M2P before weather sets in and I can’t fly for a week.
I live in Okehampton which is so wet, we call it Soakhampton.

I did manage to capture this though.
I’ll post a few more still (non-pano) shots in photos later!


Lovely colours @pauldsmart , the Golden Hour Flyer badge is winging its way to your profile :smiley:


Is this a 360 pano? @pauldsmart


Thank you very much @PingSpike :smiley:


Yes @MementoMori it is. First one! :slight_smile:


You should upload to Kuula so that the 360 can be properly seen and post the sharing link here.

Interactive 360 Panoramas - How To


That was what I was going to suggest Dave, I didn’t know if he knew so didn’t suggest it.


This is did not know!

But now I have done :slight_smile:


Thanks kindly :slight_smile:


Brilliant!!! :+1:


Nice one @pauldsmart, the Birds Eye Viewer badge is on it’s way to your profile now too!