Red Wharf Bay Nr Benllech

Tide was out so a quick iPhone photo. Red Wharf Bay is a great place to fly as it’s Crown Estate but this day was a bit to windy for the Mini.


Nice pic, Paul

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I did a full flight across the bay and caravan park with either my Mavic or one of my customs a few year back… As a child, our family spent many happy holidays at St.Davids Caravan park in the 80’s. It’s a very beautiful area of Anglesey.

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It most certainly is a wonderful place. St David’s Park is very up market these days with a twin holiday home costing in excess of £250k plus around £6kpa site fees. It has a great bar and restaurant as well as a pool and spa all very new.

It’s great to sit outside there with a drink and a great view over the bay.

Can’t beat the Ship Inn at Red Wharf for fish n chips though !

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I think it was always a nice place, but it’s definitely changed since the days that we went there. In recent years, when passing by, it has felt a lot more developed and commercial. Not to mention that the gate to the site is now not always open for public access.

We were in a reasonably sized, static caravan that my grand-folk owned at the time. It had a real family feel to the place back then.

Yes it has changed and I think they are trying to push the 5 star experience. Outside of current Covid restrictions you can drive on if the barrier is up and park all day, however you have to buy a drink or food in the bar to get a code to get out.

We often used to go in and spend the day on the beach then sit on the terrace with a drink (and get the exit code lol).

I ate at St Davids restaurant, delicious. And it is a great place to go and catch the horses galloping up the beach in the evening, great photo op.

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It absolutely is. But difficult to get a table at the moment they seem to be booked well in advance and the social distancing is obviously having a impact. We went over to the ship in Red Wharf Bay weekend before last instead.