Regarding permits in London boroughs

Hello everyone,

I just bought a drone, a Mini Se, I’ve already got my licence and my controller ID.

I’m from London, and I was looking for places to go for a fly. I know there are certain fly areas like Richmond, Duke Meadows or Wormwood Scrubs, but I wanted to know whether you know any other areas in London were flying is ok as long as the drone is under the weight limits and I follow the rules?

I’ve read that certain boroughs have no rules, like Hounslow (which I don’t agree, as they talk about an aircraft being one that weights under 7kgs, see their [byelaws book](file:///Users/izambello/Downloads/LBH_Byelaws_Open_Spaces_Etc0001%20(1).pdf), page 6).

I also know there’s a map with different locations, but I wanted to know your experience ando opinion when flying in other areas.

If anyone else could give me a hand with this, I would really appreciate it.

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Check out Drone Scene from the menu and type in the place you want to fly or zoom in on the map as you prefer. You’ll see the markers where members have flown usually with helpful comments.

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