Registering dji spark with CAA

Just bought a dji spark, apparently basic weight is 300g, read that I have to register with caa as over 250g, any help appreciated please.

Where did you read this?
I think that is coming later in the year but not now.

Nope. Not until November 2019. And DONT fall for any of the ‘pre-register here’ scams, offering to pre-register ready for November…for a fee!!!
You’ll just be giving your hard earned away to scammers

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Wales online. Not sure if same in other regions.

Ah nice one. Thanks for info. Just have to keep up to date with things as still new to me.

All you gotta do is ask and someone will chime in. We all started the same way and are all here happy to help and guide you successfully through your transition from Novice to accomplished pilot.

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