Rekon 6 Long Range HD - first flights & first thoughts

Been after something that can stretch its legs a bit and eventually settled on the Rekon 6 HD. Main reasons: It can fly on the same 4S batteries I use for my other quads, which is a massive saving. Full HD (Caddx Vista vtx / Polar camera.) It was significantly cheaper than the 7" quads out there atm - and it was in stock which is a big plus right now!

Bare weight is 239g - so not sub 249g once you’re at AUW.

I’ve done approx 10 flights now, averaging 8-9.5mins cruising at 50-60kph on 1500mah 4S, carrying a GoPro which I thought was damn impressive tbh.

I’ve seen some people comment about vibrations but I added the braces and made sure everything was tight and I’ve seen no issues or jello when punching the throttle. It’s a cruiser, not a freestyle lunatic for sure but it’s still got plenty of beans when you want it. I’ve topped out at about 95kph going full tilt. The frame is lightweight and isn’t going to withstand a massive impact so that’s one thing I need to keep in mind!

Loads of fun, the capabilities match my flying style and having the extended flight time is a game changer.

First foray out over these was a fun trip…

And then this was chasing @Jase_MK around our local field yesterday evening…

All in all, a really nice piece of kit. It’s well built. I am flying stock props and rates and it flies on rails.

Looking forward to clocking up many many miles on this one. :sunglasses: I have in fact ordered a 3200mah Li-Ion pack that I’ve seen folks getting 20+ minutes out of which is just bonkers. I feel some mountain surfing coming up… after a wee bit more practice yet!


Which one is that?

Ohh - just checked, it’s actually 3400mah :smile:

It’s this one…

(ZOP Power 14.8V 3400mAh 15C/30C 4S Li-ion Battery XT60 Plug)

Not tried this brand but was only £18 so… :crossed_fingers:

15/30c is pretty good for a lion…

Which does put some doubt in the truth of the claim. Still £18 aint bad.

It says lipo in the picture?

:rofl: Good spot. Classic BG tbh… we shall see what arrives - I’ll keep you posted!

Judging by the shape in the photo you’re going to get a LiPo
but I like the fact it’s 15C, it will put it’s power out slower but for longer,
I suppose thats why they say

Please report back on it, I might get one myself for my standard bench discharge/charge tests

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Judging by your report I’m thinking that when it comes to LR mountain surfing this could topple the 7" defacto size.
I deffo am not, not, not, buying anything else to build, but I can see me getting one of these :laughing:


I just checked the listing and someone has actually said - “oi - that’s a LiPo” and the seller responded “This one is for a Li-ion” so :crossed_fingers:

My main thoughts were based on shape tbh… this looks like 4 x 18650 cells to me…

But… the labels all say Li-Po… :man_shrugging:

i agree, at this angle it does look very much like 4 x cylindricals, what’s the claimed dimensions?

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Here you go…

ZOP Power 14.8V 3400mAh 15C/30C 4S Li-ion Battery XT60 Plug for FPV Racing Drone


Brand: ZOP Power

Name: 14.8V 3400mAh 15C/30C 4S Li-ion Battery

Capacity: 3400mAh

Discharge Rate: 5C/30C

Weight: Approx 204g

Plug: XT60 Plug

Size: 363670mm

Color: As Shown

Thats around 100a peak draw? Bit high for a li-ion? I’d say 50a max with high quality cells. But the weight checks out ok for li-ion

Wilco. :+1: It should hopefully be here this week. I’ll do some tests with and without GoPro and see how it fairs.

One of the reviews said 16mins on a Roma F4 with 3000kv motors (137g) carrying a RunCam Orange (56g)

Mine is Rekon 6 with 1500kv motors (239g) plus GoPro (120g) but more lift because of bigger / more efficient props?

Sweepstake on how long it’ll last?! :grin:

and size for 18650 cells - 18mm diameter x 65mm long

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Should be good in mine as well. Though mine is somewhat heavier… but when it goes up to 6"… :smiley: