Rekon 6 LR - testing flight time with Li-ion pack

First flight completed with the Rekon 6 LR and the new Zop Power 14.8v 4S 3400mah Li-ion pack… and the results are in :grinning:

Details of the quad / set up and some flight footage here:

I was getting pretty much 9mins on a 4S 1500mah Li-Po so was v. interested to see what this one could achieve.

Flight time, without GoPro and cruising at 50-60kph most of the time, was… nineteen minutes! :sunglasses: Was genuinely unsure how well this was going to work - so I’ll take that!

I was just cruising and it flew really smoothly, didn’t really hammer the throttle at all (not that kind of test!) I did punch it a couple of times and it certainly had enough to react snappily.

I set battery warning to 3.1v per cell and min v to 3.0v. I’ve seen some folks take it down to 2.5v, but then others say that’s too low and is a bit sketchy. I landed at 12.2v and it immediately recovered to 12.9-13.0v. Battery was only very slightly warm - and motors were completely cool. :+1:

The battery itself is clearly 4 x 18650 cells… but is labelled as Li-Po?! I charged as a Li-ion with my balance charger and all is spot on. It will be interesting to see what the longevity of this one is. I’ll also do another test carrying the GoPro and post results in this thread. I’d very much class this one as a mountain climber now… can’t wait to find some proper scenery to go exploring. :grin:


That’s real impressive. Whats that? 10km out then back? Theoretically

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Theoretically speaking… :see_no_evil: …I’d say 8, comfortably. :grin:

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How much does it weigh with your liion

239g for the bare Rekon and 204g for the pack.

Jees. My 7" is 1kg with a 4000 6s lipo. Gunna make a liion

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Holy balls. That’s a beast! I was going to have a go at making a Li-ion pack but I’ve tried for other projects and even a pretty chunky soldering iron couldn’t pump out enough heat to weld the cells properly. …and this pack only cost £18! :slightly_smiling_face:

I can personally vouch for this. It’s cheaper now than when I bought it (ah not if from China but you’re welcome to borrow it). Made a 4s2p and theoretically did 16k round trip on a plane

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I love FPV folk - they’re just so damn helpful. :ok_hand: