Relaxing flight of wind Turbines

Flight on my walk yesterday to view wind Turbines and almost hit a tree.
Is this video going to get me in any trouble due to quickly flying over rail track?


Some nice footage there… and ‘mostly’ relaxing too.

wasn’t relaxing at 3:55!!! How far away were you from your drone when nearly into the tree… the thought of wading through the farmer’s field would have panicked me.

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I think my question would have been, was that drone within visual line of sight at all times and from what I could tell, not knowing where this was shot, and not knowing the make/model of drone, I would guess not. In that case, I would worry more about that than crossing a railway line.

Yes very close call luckily mavic pro sensor kicked in too. Wasn’t to fair from me.

There the trees on the wind Turbines issue view just round the corner. Hoped you liked the video tho.

No, it won’t.

Network Rail only manage land, not airspace :slight_smile:

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Thank you that was my concern with train line. :+1:

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Even the birds shat themselves !!!

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If you had crashed onto the railway line you could have derailed the train with your gigantic drone. lol . Nice video.

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Nice one mate, :ok_hand:t4:

Whoa! Thank F for vision sensors :evergreen_tree: :joy::scream:

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