Removing the stock lens from my new M2Z was so stressful!

Got my new M2Z yesterday and initially struggled to remove the stock lens as I also did with my MA. So stressful holding the gimbal steady while trying to remove the stock lens!
Why don’t DJI just ship the drones with the stock lens off and put it in the quick start instructions that you should attach it before first flight?
I’m sure this would save a lot of anxious moments fron new owners not wanting to break the gimbal before they’ve even started flying!

Why are you removing it ?.

To use ND filters

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They should give clear instructions on how to remove them. I personally think they should be on when shipped as the vast majority of people won’t be putting ND filters on for the first flight.


Done in the field

It’s been the case for every drone I have owned, even back to the phantom 2 vision, some 5 years or more back.

Why do a lot of people confuse a filter with a lens?


Im waiting for a simple one handed gimbal lock to be introduced too ;o)


I have found in the past that a “O” ring pushed just onto the front of the lens gives you that extra bit of grip when removing the lens.
An elastic band wrapped round it, could do the same job.
What is needed is the “gismo” he has in the video in the last post.
Any 3D printer boffs out there ?.
FFS don’t use pliers to remove it!!.



What you get when you choose Polar Pro I guess

Alternative, and similar to the laggy band option

Maybe other Filter suppliers need to learn that trick then Chris.

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i used one of these the first few times but since then just carefully by hand, always with a lens cloth to hand

I found i have to push in all 4 corners to make it an easy on and off

Or even better.

I got a removal tool with my Polar Pro filters and never used it yet, rubber gloves I believe can help but never had the need for them either

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I bought some filters then i crashed my drone and since the repair of my P4 haven’t been able to get the stock lens off so I haven’t used the filters once yet!

ITS A FILTER! not a lens

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Hmmm. :thinking:

Is it a zero anything lens or a zero anything filter or …

When does a plain piece of glass become a lens or a filter.

I’d probably tend to call it a lens protector to get around deciding. :wink:



just to add though, if you take the lens off a MAVIC of any sort you’re knackered, won’t see a thing


Left a word off… “Cap”
Lens “Cap” :grin::+1:t2:

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