Request - Creating a non circular Flight Report using Dronescene

Is it possible to have the facility to change the flight area dimensions, not just the diameter of the circle but the shape as it’s available with altitude angel

Also could we have a link to the created flight report

How did you create that @Sparkyws :point_up_2:t2:, when I put my details in earlier I didn’t see it like yours, meaning the spread sheet / or form.

Drone assist app

I have altitude angel ( guardian ) installed and now drone assist, which both look the same when you launch them but can not replicate the above mentioned, iOS …

…Create Flight Plan

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Yep got it thanks @milkmanchris, should I ditch the other app and just keep the drone assist one.

If you want to submit ziggy zaggy flight plans DA is required (at the moment.

My stock answer will always be ditch the lot and use Drone Scene

Anyway back on topic please ;o)

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Not getting the PDF report is my main reason for not submitting via DS anymore. Think I’ve mentioned it before but since someone else mentioned it I’ll throw my weight behind it. Obviously it’s a nice to have more than anything.

This was originally a commercial-flight only option, I wonder if they opened it up to recreational flights when NATS pulled out and they rebranded the app to Altitude Angel?

Yes, we could add it, but… :blush:

So few people log flight reports that building a bunch of map-drawing tools would be placed quite far down the road map - as it’s a lot of work for something with very little use. That time would be better spent on more popular things :slight_smile:

If more people used flight reports, and more people knew the exact area they were going to fly in, and those people were willing to take the time to draw it on a map then we could move it higher up the list.

For now, I’ll add it to the backlog of things we want to do Wayne.

It’d be nice to get bit of a Drone Scene steering group together to prioritise the feature requests and give people access to betas, but that’s a whole other thread :slight_smile:

Possibly? :thinking:

Can you access the PDF from within your app? Or is it an email attachment only?


Thanks Rich, I only noticed it this morning whilst having a mooch about :grinning:

When you click the Pre-Flight Report it creates a link

Like this :point_down:

I’ve emailed our account manager at Altitude Angel to find out how they’re generating the authentication signature in part of the url you posted there Wayne.

If I can replicate it then we’ll get this feature added in for you :slight_smile:


It’s a feature I’d like, quite often when flying from the club field an irregular shape would be much more representative
Also flights along the coast line would be shown more accurately
PS I have used DS for flight reports it could become my ‘goto’ app :slightly_smiling_face:


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Guess theres no chance of the flight monitoring (what i guess is ADSB to AA) function being implemented as in DA ?

It’s very sporadic the PDF report. Sometimes I get them, sometimes I don’t.

Edit!!! : Drone Assist that is.

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I havent had one for a few months via DA.

Then again the App was last updated 7 months ago.