Restricted Airspace/DJI Flyapp

Am i correct in that DJI Fly app will prevent taking off in a restricted airspace location?
Does the same happen if using Litchi?
Next month I’ll be in the area of RAF Mildenhall. The location is within their Air Traffic Zone. They have a download form to request permission. (I’ll let you know how i get on.
Looking at airspace on DJI Flyapp. On laptop the location is just outside restricted airspace and same thing on mobile its just inside!

Have a look at our very own DroneScene for a much better app experience

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Will do. Thanks.

Had a look in suggested app. Location is just inside ATZ on this app as well. Not a problem as I’ll be contacting ATC anyway.

The DJI app will stop you taking off in “their” no fly zones.
The reason i say “their” as it is really inaccurate. Some are bigger than they should be, some are smaller, and some don’t exist where they should.
My rule is check Drone scene (Altitude angel drone assist.) Can i legally fly? Yes great, now see if dji will stop me.
Generally ATC are a great breed of people who are happy to help if they can.

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Yes the flysafe! Database is stored on the drone

But you can disable it with a Dronehacks certificate :wink:


Negative Ghostrider the pattern is full…

Thanks for the info.

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It appears to be very very busy around Mildenhall just lately, due to some mad fuckin’ Russian called Ras putin or something, pissing everybody off! Seems to be a lot of heavy traffic going in and out.

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You may have to apply for an unlock from DJI. You may need to send the approval you receive from the ATC

Just picked up on this thread :face_with_monocle::smile:
Ok so last week I brought the certificate for MA2 ( well impressed ) never been about the height for me just the distance ( better signal ) however because I had the certificate I opted for the altitude NFZ & FCC - I no not to update the firmware after this application - however I did re bind my controller & update the fly safe database ( but not firmware as it was saying ) drone works perfectly fine still etc etc - however for me because it’s never been about the height or the NFZ will this work still if ever I wanted it too ? Just curious - when I go into my dji app NFZ ETC is clicked blue I think or unlock geo is unlocked is this correct :thinking:
Thanks all