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Probably a stupid question but here goes. Do you just press the RTH button once when wanting to return or keep your finger pressed on it until it returns?

It’s a longish press until RTH initiates, then you can release and it will continue to return.


And you’ll know when it’s kicked in as it starts to beep at you to let you know it’s in rth mode.


Thanks to both of you for your replies - a great help.


And you can cancel it, by hitting the cross on the screen, or you can correct your flight path during its landing sequence ( in case you need to)
Handy if you have trees around your landing area.


Is it a figment of my imagination or do you guys remember been able to alter the yaw on a RTH so you could film around you, now it just comes back nose first no matter what you do.

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I’ve never tried. RTH is RTH for me - there’s a reason I want it back that is way more important than filming.

Edit: Obstacle avoidance is another reason to have it pointing ahead … if one has that switched on … which I almost never do.

I’m pretty sure @colinbm keeps his OA switched on …. :wink: