Return to home failure

I bought a mini 2 but the return to home didn’t work this evening it went to critical battery alarm any ideas people?

At take off did you wait to hear the little voice telling you your home point has been updated please check it on the map ? If you did then check your settings for where the return to home kicks in .

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I was using air 2 remote I pushed return to home with no joy

Perhaps not paired correctly, hopefully someone who uses the air 2 remote with a mini 2 will be better placed to answer , did it tell you at take off the home point has been updated ? And in the settings what % is it set to for the home point to kick in ? If both of these are ok it must be a pairing problem

Yes mate I was hoping to get away with one remote probably just an easy fix

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I got it straight out of box after charging I paired the remote probably my fault some how first time I had a critically low battery put a downer on it my air 2 is still weapon of choice

Check you have RTH set to RTH and not hover or land. It will also not RTH if less than 20mtr away horizontally from the home point.


You can hot swap just make sure you have updated the home point. When I hot swap I always do a compass calibration and wait for the “home point has been updated”. Before I fly off. If you are a bit unsure then slowly rise straight up to about 7m then hover for a second or 2 let the drone work out where it is. Also as @Doodler says, check you have to return to your home point.

Nothing wrong with using one remote for both drones.


Don’t know why but just wouldn’t return to home at the end it was at critical battery at 8 %before I took control and landed it I even hit return to home on remote to none avail got me baffled

How far away was it?

As @Doodler mentioned, it won’t RTH within 20m of homepoint.

Any Airdata logs for us to have a look at?

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One thing that is strange … and nothing to do specifically with the outcome … when the Home Point was set (quite accurately, as soon is it had a fix) I see:

Homepoint updated. RTH altitude adjusted to 328 ft

That’s a seriously high RTH height if you want it to RTH with critical battery!! It might use up most of what’s left of the battery achieving that height.


Got it straight out of box haven’t touched any settings

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