Reviews and advice please

A video I did for my local cricket club on my mini 3 pro edited with Cyberlink PowerDirector software.
What do you think and do you have any advice and tips on video editing?
Thanks in advance.

Hi @Bluenoseken I’ve edited your post to include the OneBox preview.

To do this just paste the YouTube link into a new line on its own with no spaces etc.

No need to use the insert hyperlink button in the message composer or any embed code, its all done automatically for you if you follow the above.
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Too many differing transitions packed into 1min 36 secs.

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Thought that myself. Think I should have just used the fade transition for each one.

@Bluenoseken I have to agree with Chris in that the transitions are distracting the viewer from what otherwise was a great flight. :+1:

Use crossfade if your video is slow and smooth or non at all, particularly if like yours, a little faster.

There are occasions where the odd one can help with composition ie zooming from a close up to a distance shot but once again best used sparingly I’d say. :hugs:

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