Richmond Park during an event

I know that flying in Richmond park is all ok no need to contact ATC. ATC said to ring to advise but referred me to Swanwick who said no need to ring if outside blue zone which is FRZ.

However there is a massive cycle race from the Olympic park to The mall via Richmond and other Surrey towns( tomorrow the 4th of August 2019 ) so would that mean the flying field be closed.

The cycle race goes through Richmond Park Obviously I will go right away from the road dose anyone know?

To be clear I have no interest in filming the event I just really need to get some flying in

I would assume the normal drone code rules would apply.

If nats has no restrictions of course. Silverstone had one for the GP.

How did you get on with this? The BBC had a lot of coverage of the cycling this morning - don’t know if they were doing the Tour de France thing and following it with helicopters.

It was the Ride London event.

The Pro race was in the afternoon and they use helicopters to film and do the uplink from the motorbikes. However it started from Bushy Park and went south, returning via Kingston, Wimbledon and Putney, so not so close to Richmond Park.

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Really ? So two weeks ago I went to Richmond park and there were noticed saying Richmond Park restricted access on 4/5 August. Also Richmond park extends from Richmond to Wimbledon to Kingston to almost Hammersmith

I did not bother going to fly

If weather is good I’ll go tomorrow (Monday)