Risk Assessment Model

For those that have completed or in the process of completing the operations manual and the related risk assessments, I am interested in seeing what risk assessment models are being used for drone operations.
With the new EASA regs due for implementation this year, the specific category will introduce a set of standard risk models, but these are not due until 2021.
I am currently in the process of developing all of my RAs using the Bowtie model based on my existing helicopter operations risk assessments.
The CAA have a very good resource for those wanting to familiarise with and use the Bowtie methodology of risk assessment. See the link below.


I designed my own , when I was working at a university

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What methodology does it use?

It can cover up to 6 risks on one assessment, it firstly list the risks and the severity before the assessment and after. The second part is the measures to reduce the risks. It uses a 6x6 grid to give a colour red green or amber

Sounds very similar to mine, Stev… and I imagine most of us use something similar.

  • Identify the risks and any existing mitigations
  • Score the severity and likelihood of each risk out of 5.
  • Red or Yellow, review for possible mitigations to bring severity and/or likelihood down
  • Re-score
  • Anything that can’t be brought below a Red through mitigation, the flight cannot proceed.

This has the benefit for me of being the same methodology (and template structure) as I’ve used for ~20 years in IT (including parts of the ITIL framework) so I didn’t need to spend time and effort getting my head around anything new.

If and when the CAA decides they need something more complex for drone operations I’ll need to change, but they were fine with this for my PfCO.

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I cant find mine atm , its on one of my other computers , yours is very similar , it looks like it should stand up to caa spec. well done

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