River Great Ouse in flood, North Bucks

Took my DJI Mini 2 for a flight over the River Great Ouse on Sunday at a couple of locations near to where I live (lockdown compliant). There was a consistent breeze so the temperature, with windchill, was below freezing. By the end of the shoot I couldn’t feel my thumbs on the controller!


Great video, lovely and smooth, music works well too :+1:

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Wow! Used to go fishing around that area when I was a kid. Great footage, so I know what to expect from my Mini 2. Did you film in RAW or jpg?

Hi MattA so how did you manage lockdown compliant when there is no UAV flying allowed as it is classed as recreation (not allowed) and not exercise (allowed)… interested as I need to get out and fly… flying in the back garden is becoming boring…

Thanks @PeteL_Mini2. It’s a great little drone that I’ve been really impressed with so far.

The Mini 2 can shoot RAW + JPEG or JPEG-only, but those settings only apply to stills. These videos were shot in 4K at 30FPS and all of the footage is basically straight out of the camera, I haven’t applied any colour grading or other tweaks.

Thanks @Drumsagard. I’m still working on my video editing but have got the hang of basic transitions. Aiming to be a get more proficient with Premiere Pro over the next couple of months.

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Hi @Malcy,

I carry my drone with me when out for local walks, in the same way as I carry my camera. As you can tell from the footage, it’s a very rural environment and it was early in the morning so I don’t believe I put anyone (including myself) at risk.

Hope that helps.