Round and round the garden like a drunken teddy bear. ^_^

Yeah, I’m not much of a gardener. :grin: Having fun with the cinewhoop though.


Nice one Jez :slight_smile:

Should fly my my garden more often! Flying well!

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Nice space to fly. Could run races there. :slight_smile:

Enough room for a brass band as well. Shame Sir Terry is no longer with us to give a rendition of his 1977 No2 hit on location… Though I suspect he might have commented on the lack of anything actually floral. :wink:

Btw… my garden is much the same… but smaller.

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Getting some good gaps in there… ready for tinywhoop season.

A garden with a workbench in the middle and a rake propping up the fence. Perfect :+1: :+1:

Whoops do look a lot of fun lol You have the same Flymo as me :laughing:

Got 3 whoops now. Only one 65mm though, the others 75… Winter will be fun :slight_smile:

Gotta get me some hdzero tinywhooping soon…

big VTW?

will take the grammage over 20, lol

Only just… the whoop lite is very good…

Though i am going to add the whoop lite kit to one of my current tinywhoops.

Nice. thought that SPI ELRS? I’m giving up on that rubbish and soldering an ep2 to my darwin, dont do SPI, lol!

The lens makes it look bigger. :wink:

I tried, I sowed my “wild flower garden” seeds as instructed, but nothing came. The recent hot spell did the jasmine in. There’s a couple of lavenders hanging in there.

Yeah I had to strew some shit around to make it more interesting. :laughing:

It’s served me well but the big harvest after “No Mow May” (which ran on through most of June for me) did it in and it’s starting to get a bit “quad tech”. :grin:


One reason I’m using one of my existing flysky AIOs… which you can’t get any more.

You can get the frsky version though.

It;s OK on the meteor pro, the darwin betafpv board though… meh awful! Least the darwin is bigger so can take an EP2 easy. The meteor is my fave whoop now, beats the THII

For those complaining of the lack of flora, here’s 80 seconds of me bouncing around my parents’ garden yesterday. Considerably better maintained than mine. :laughing: