Rowley Park Sports Stadium - Stafford

The clips in this video were taken on 2 seperate days one late afternoon and one midday. I used an ND filter on the midday shoot to apply the ‘180 rule’ and IMO its definitely better using the filter to do that. See what you think!

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Hey Colin very very smooth control :clap:t2: is that how smooth it came out or did you have to iron out any creases or jerkiness in post ?
PS, I’ve yet to really try a video yet, well, I did with my old laptop which it just looked like a car learner driver doing the kangaroo :rofl:
I might have a go one day ! Again

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Great video, love the backing track too.

It’d be useful to find a side by side comparison to see what the differences are. I’ve used the same technique to keep the shutter speed and frame rate in sync and have used it to film faster moving subjects like waves where you have a sense as to how fast the movement should be to be ‘correct’ but I couldn’t specifically say that I see the difference ( on my videos ), that may just be my uninformed eye.

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@Kirky Thx Richard. Its straight from the card just colour graded. No stabilisation I shot most of it in normal mode and a couple of clips in Cine mode. You need to adjust the settings for at least 85% smoothness and about 10 m/s for N and 5m/s for C. I only use sport to get to a location… never for videoing. Gimbal and Yaw is set very slow in Cine but rarely use yaw by itself mainly when I parallax. I find the RC gimbal a bit harder to use than my old N-1 controller but getting used to it slowly. :+1: I love photographing but prefer video.

@Stomper Thx Nigel. The clips that are not so colourful are the ones that are without the filter. To be fair it was a brighter day with the filter but N64 got me to 1/60 and 0 ev, whereas I used auto and a -1.4ish EV without the filter. Both were locked on ISO 100.

@Windswept Robert did a video a while back with ND filters. I’ll put the link in an edit in a bit. :+1: Found it!

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Thanks for this, I remember seeing that one when it was posted, I can see where the colour pops in your video, I’ll go back to trying my remaining ND (64) filter, the others are at various locations in the south east :slight_smile:

@Stomper Sounds interesting Nigel.:thinking: What was the cause of their demise; or have I got the proverbial wrong end of the stick? :grin:

@D0c.Col Haha, no, it’s the usual, the ND8 fell off whilst in flight, ND16 is at the bottom of Basingstoke canal, ND32 pinged off after a rough landing and I’m now struggling to remember where the ND4 went but I am left with the ND64. I’d kind of just parked these thinking that I wasn’t getting much from them but I’ll dig out the ND64 and have another go given your results above.

@Stomper Sounds like your ND filters stand for Nigel’s Disasters! :scream::face_with_hand_over_mouth::joy: Good luck matey. J​:crossed_fingers:

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