Royal Navy builds drone in first for expert squadron

Interesting future developments from the Navy. Actually a little surprised they didn’t do this at RAF

Sailors from 700X Naval Air Station have designed, built and tested their own drone. The large quadcopter called Walrus will be used a testing platform for sensors and other payloads. It is part of a project that will see the squadron, based at Royal Naval Air Station Culdrose, be accredited manufacturer status. 700X NAS is the Royal Navy’s expert unit in the research, training and deployment of remotely piloted air systems (RPAS). The squadron uses nearby Predannack Airfield as a centre of expertise for flights and training.

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They sort of do :thinking:

Yeah Protector is a big boy but in my eyes more autonomous plane then drone

Same place Barnes Wallis trialled his models of the swing wing bomber which we dumped and the yanks dropped on - which was incorporated to the the Ardvark (F111) I believe…

700 NAS has quite an illustrious history

Ref 700 squadron formed at Hatson in the |Orkneys.
MOST FAA squadrons seemed to have wound up there or |Machrihanish because (so its said) the gunnery Admiral types did not know how to use them so sent them them out of the way!
Incidentally, one of the bases was known as Royal Nava Air Station TWATT,*HMS Tern) :blush:

Most books written by ex FAA types contain quite a bit about the RN scottish island airfields and the life up there…