Royal Pavilion Brighton ice rink


superb quality

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Thank you :pray:t2:

Was at Brighton yesterday doing a bit of drone footage at the west pier … notice this yesterday… lovely video more impressive at night :+1::+1:. Did you take - off by the beach ? Near the main pier .

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Light and colour is super. I assume you set the ISO to around 800?


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Near the pier as no one around and the footpath is quite big :pray:t2::pray:t2::pray:t2::sunglasses:

I used the new nighttime video settings on the Mavic 3 :sunglasses:


Wow mate, loving those colours👍

I keep threatening to do some night vids with the Air2s, but never get round to it🤔

Mmmm, need cash for a Mavic 3 that may do it …missus on FB market place, dog on ebay…kids…

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