RTF Competition February 26th to March 11th - Long Shadows - Winners Announced


The GADC Hive Mind has been working for the last week and has decided that the subject for the period 00:01 February 26th to 23:00 March 11th is - Long Shadows

So now you have your subject for the next fortnight please don’t let your excitement prevent you from reading the boring bits below - the rules.


The requirement is to submit a still image to illustrate the subject of the competition. The subject for the competition running from 00:01 February 26th to 23:00 March 11th 2023 is - Long Shadows

The image must be captured during the time that the competition is open and obviously be taken by a drone in flight - so somewhat higher than your eyeline please!

Editing is confined to colour and exposure adjustments and crop only. There must be no removal or pasting of an object.

You can create as many images as you wish and submit the best in this thread. However, only one image will be accepted for judging. If you wish to show multiple entries please place each in a separate post and indicate which one you wish to be your competition entry - otherwise your last submitted image will be placed in the poll. Basically, if you have a selection of images of the same subject, have the courage of your convictions and post only the one that you think is best

Images must be posted with the following information as a minimum:

  • Location
  • Time and date
  • Aircraft/camera used
  • Feel free to add any further information that you think will be of interest


Images will be judged by the members of GADC who may vote for any number of images by means of an anonymous poll open for two days after the closing date for competition entries.

Voting in the poll is open to all GADC members, whether they have entered the competition or not.

You may vote for all, some or none of the entries.

The original media may be requested by the judges in case of a dispute.


The competition subject will be announced every second Saturday around 22:30. The subject will be chosen by a poll of GADC members selecting from three that have been picked at random from the subject list. You may make additions to the list at any time.

The competition will run from Sunday 00.01 to Saturday 23.00 fourteen days later. Voting by poll will be open for a further two days until Monday 22:00

The winner, second and third-placed competitors will be announced shortly after the vote is closed and counted

Have Fun! Be Safe!

All flights are the sole responsibility of the individual conducting them. Each competitor must abide by the drone code and adhere to the limitations and restrictions imposed upon them by aviation law, the aircraft being used and the qualifications they hold. Landowners’ wishes and permissions must be respected and adhered to. If a flight is undertaken in a restricted zone proof of permission having been granted is required.


Very Soft Machine - Third :slight_smile:

I think this going too be very challenging, so I done a google & it says : Because the Sun is more directly overhead, shadows are smaller in the summer than in the winter. In the winter, the northern part of Earth is tilted away from the Sun. That means the sunlight is not coming in as directly. So, shadows during the winter are longer.
So maybe we’ll be ok :smiley:

Forecast cloudy here for the next 10 days, so maybe not :frowning:

Solution @MartG1960 back out to find a light or lights @ night that cast long shadows Maybe :joy:

In the morning and evening :thinking:

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Who voted for this with clouds forecast forever? Sadists or masochists depending on your point of view. Challenging indeed. :rofl::rofl:

What does RTF stand for in the title?

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I believe it is “reason to fly”

That makes sense, thank you @markas

Shadows longer surely :point_up:t2: first thing & last thing, but I’d have said last thing, when the suns going down, just guesses :smiley:

That one less shadows :point_up:t2: I was meant too put.

Aye, assumiing the Sun can get through the opaque sky. Opportunists or the dedicated rule. Having said that the piggin Suns just come out. :rofl::rofl:

Same here :sun_with_face:

Or in Wigan, Reet Then, Fly.

Not my Entry. Doh! :face_with_spiral_eyes: :face_with_spiral_eyes:

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The 3rd Annual Birthday Challenge and Treaure Hunt 9and the 4th, 5th and upcoming6th) was great fun.

The object was to "collect " 25 different things within seven weeks Each subject had several bonuses attached, with points for each one.It was relatively easy to score a subject, bonuses less so. A simple example from last year:

  1. A railway level crossing

    6 or more vehicles waiting to cross
    A red vehicle closest to the gate on each side
    Train crossing over the crossing

Two of us decided, after the third BC (Birthday Challenge) that it had really stimulated us in respect of trying new techniques, flight planning and going to places we would not have necessarily considered before. So we decided to set up an independent, for fun, competition - a Reason to Fly. So. on September 20, 2020, the inaugural competition, Bridges, began. Reason to Fly became shortened to RTF.

And RTF allows those of us with an IT background to have a quiet snigger at RTF Rules …

RTFM used to be an outcome code in our in-house written support system.

Here too (y)

We also had HRC = High Resistance Connection = cable fallen out, and VHRC = cable missing

Stonehenge, Wiltshire

  • Drone: Mini 3 Pro
  • Date: 26 February 2023, 16:50
  • Drone Scene: Link

Stonehenge is the most architecturally sophisticated prehistoric stone circle in the world , while Avebury is the largest in the world. Together with inter-related monuments and their associated landscapes, they help us to understand Neolithic and Bronze Age ceremonial and mortuary practices.

Fun fact … all the history books state that Stonehenge was built 5,000 years ago. But when they built the carpark in 1966, they discovered prehistoric post holes. They carbon dated the remnants of wood and charcoal in each of the holes, which placed each of the post holes in the early Mesolithic, circa 8500 to 7650 BC … 10,000 years ago :scream:


Oh. Ok. We might as well just stop there, yes?

Great photo!