RTF Competition - Landscapes without buildings - Winners announced!

Thats a cracking photo Rob, would be superb for a pattern subject :heart_eyes:

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@DeanoG60 I’ve only got tomorrow or Thursday to get a flight in but even if I don’t get an image for an entry I’m enjoying the banter on this competition

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HeHe :laughing::laughing:

That’s what it’s all about the serious challenge is over this is just for the fun of flying and the bants along the way :+1:t2:

Good luck hope you manage to get an entry in :+1:t2:

What: Landscape with no buildings
Location: Hackpen Hill, Wiltshire
When: About 5.30pm today
Drone: Mini 2

Wide Angle, 9 shots merged in PS and tarted with Camera Raw only.


Although we have a week to go with this RTF competition we need to pick a subject for the next!

Voting is in this thread

We think you may like the subject choices - each one has a lot of scope for pictures and, yes, buildings can be included!

Nice! It goes to show there’s images everywhere waiting to be taken. I’m stuck in the mindset of waiting for certain conditions like fog or autumn colours but I just need to get out and take some images :smirk:

the friend is me :thinking:

Taken at Trecco bay, Porthcawl on Friday with MM, during a quick visit to arrange selling our holiday let there. I do like these abstract top down shots but they don’t usually work out well for me although I do like this one.


Taken at Charmouth beach today.


One from this mornings dog walk near Whitminster, Gloucester. Taken with MMini. Felt more like Summer today than Autumn


Great image @clinkadink

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@XYZ awesome love a good beach shot :grin:


Cheers Deano :wink:

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Entry for RTF Challenge
Cleethorpes Beach
DJI Mini 2
Taken 10th October 2021

Added to drone scene


Thirlmere - Entry for the RTF comp.
Lake District
Taken with DJI Mini 2
10.10.21 - 1pm (ish)
Location added to Dronescene.


RTF Competition Entry
Location…Ingram Valley Northumberland
Drone…DJI Mavic Air 2
Time …12.41pm
Location added to Dronescene

A great day out at Ingram Valley today, a favourite picnic area of our family for over 60 years


Nice one Chris, looks very inviting! Makes me want to get in the car and head north instead of going back to work after I’ve finished my lunch :smirk:

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Thanks Rich. I would definitely recommend a visit. The autumn colours are just starting so I,'ll be heading back myself.

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