RTF Photo and video - Subject suggestions invited!

When the RTF Competition returns we want to get oft to a flying start (pun intended)

So we need your help.

Let us have your suggestions for the things you think would make good, challenging (but not impossible!) subjects.

Then for each fortnightly contest we can give you the usual choice of three to vote for with the winner being the next contest’s subject

Just post your suggestions in this thread - look forward to hearing from you!

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Landscapes without buildings

400 feet directly below

1960’s architecture


360 pano

Victorian engineering

Boats with engines

Monochrome landscape


Came here to suggest landscapes, hadn’t thought of subcategories but I like these! :+1:

Also, some suggestions that are open to interpretation…

  • History
  • Light
  • Water
  • Action

Thanks for those Joe - subjects that should produce a wide variety of images :slight_smile:

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Not sure the missus would allow me to fly that close :rofl:


Moving water.
Boat wreck
Rock face / cliff


Waterfalls. Bonus point for the sun shining through.

Extra points if you dive it? :grin:

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Orbit the fall :laughing:

A lighthouse

A trig point

A ferris wheel

A windmill


Clock Towers
Abandonded Buildings (that aren’t grade 2 listed! :wink: )
Non League Football Grounds
Picnics (will need to be saved for when better weather)
Heritage Railways (without trespassing)
Cliff edges
Battle re-enactments
Long Exposure at Night
Interesting aerial photography of your City! (limited to sub 249g drones obvs)

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Not necessarily Minis only. Careful planning can get you flying in certain city areas. Assuming you live in a city of course … :slight_smile:


Well as long as there’s a more urban alternative when Lighthouses get chosen! :joy:

Urban Lighthouse :slight_smile:

  • Repurposed
  • White Lines
  • Art For Art’s Sake
  • Prehistoric
  • Heavy Metal

I don’t have anything in mind for any of these. Just throwing stuff at the wall. :slight_smile:

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They’re off, are you?

There’s still time to enter and win the £200 cash top prize!

Click the picture for details

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NOT the highest point in your county.
maybe the lowest :rofl:

Have you entered?

The competition runs until 30th September

£350 in Cash Prizes!

Further suggestions for subjects are welcome!

The way we want to work this is to tall all (sensible :slight_smile: ) suggestions and assign each a number. Then we generate three random numbers to select three topics to pick from. They are voted on in the usual way and the winner chosen. The unused topics go back into the mix.

As the process is both random and voted on by potential contestants both to pick a subject and to find a winning image various members of the Challenges Committee want to enter. We’re getting cabin fever 'cos we are banged up in the Challenges block for the duration of the Birthday Treasure Hunt.