RTF Photo Competition begins Sunday May 23rd - VOTE HERE FOR THE FIRST SUBJECT!

For some this will be the return of friendly fortnightly foto fun

For others it will be WTF is RTF?

So, for all of you, here is an introduction or a reminder of the competition:

It is the Reason To Fly photo competition; after the subject is selected by a vote of the members you have a fortnight to produce a still image or short video illustrating that subject. You must use a drone to take the image. The winner is the person whose image gets the most votes from a poll of the members.

If you fly from a suitable location and add it to Dronescene then you gain three votes straight away!

You can get a flovour of what is involved by entering RTF Photo at the search icon and selecting one of the thirty-plus threads.

So, to kick off the second series of RTF Competitions here are the potential subjects - vote for the one you want to photograph!

The RTF Photo Competition is a McMac Production


Construction for me

Straight lines for me.

Straight lines for me also.

Have you voted yet?

If you can’t wait for the McMac mobile polling palace to visit your area or if you don’t want to go out in the cold and the rain then you can vote from the comfort of your own home computer. Just follow this lnk to be taken four posts back to the beginning of this thread and click onone of the buttons to vote for the subject of your choice.

A happy UAV pilot using his state-of-the-art home computer to vote for his choice of competition subject

His typewriter is extremely amused.


28 voters so far! Should be a good turnout for the RTF Post Lockdown Premiere :smiley:

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Straight lines sounds good to me :smiley:

Tension is mounting at McMac headquarters.

Volunteer tellers are beginning to come in to relax in the company sauna or to have a couple of games of wiff-waff before tonight’s gruelling count.

Officials expect a late surge of electronic votes and confidently predict a final turnout of at least 31.

Have you voted yet?


The board of directors held a zoom meeting today to discuss the mid-range weather forecast obtained from Canal 9 News and voted by a majority to invoke Rule 23 for the imminently forthcoming competition

“In Granda Britannia los duos weekos futuros este peeeesdownio. Dronio possible grosso difficultare.”

And the popular vote is for CONSTRUCTION: