RTF Photo Competition - OPEN - 01/08 to 14/08 Nature OR Symmetry

Due to both Nature and Symmetry receiving the same number of votes to be the subject of this fortnight’s RTF competition the Challenges Committee have decided to accept pictures on either theme.

Please note:

“We expect all the potential contestants to be aware of the need for caution if photographing animal subjects, especially if flying near nature reserves or SSSIs. Overflying them, in the majority of instances, requires permission from the organisation controlling the land.

And now for the rules!



• The requirement is to submit an image, either a photo or video, to illustrate the subject of the competition.
• The subjects for the competition running from 00:01 Sunday August 1st to 23:45 Saturday 14th are NATURE or SYMMETRY. You may enter images to illustrate either or both
• The image must be captured during the time that the competition is open and obviously be taken by a drone in flight.
• Editing is confined to colour and exposure adjustments and crop only (still) plus zoom and frame rate (video) There must be no removal or pasting of an object.
• Videos must be a maximum of 30 seconds
• Competitors may enter as many images as they wish. Each must be posted separately

• Images must be posted with the following information as a minimum:
◦ Location
◦ Time and date
◦ Aircraft/camera used
Feel free to add any further information that you think will be of interest

• A valid and original Dronescene entry for your image will gain two bonus votes when judging takes place


  • Images will be judged by the members of GADC who may vote for any number of images by means of an anonymous poll open for two days after the closing date for competition entries.
  • Voting in the poll is open to all GADC members, whether they have entered the competition or not. You may vote for all, some or none of the entries
  • Any image that is correctly added to the Dronescene map with details including the Drone Code compliant take-off and landing point will be awarded two bonus votes.
  • In the event of a tie a guest judge will decide the winner
  • The original media may be requested by the judges in case of a dispute.


• The competition subject will be announced every second Saturday. The subject will be chosen by a poll of GADC members.
• Who will spot the rule change and get a bonus for doing so?
• The competition will run from Sunday 00.01 to Saturday 23.45 fourteen days later.
• Voting by poll will be open for a further two days until Monday 23:45
• The winner will be announced once the vote is closed and counted

Have Fun!

For more information please re-read this post …

Hello. Can you confirm that for Video you only want 30 (play) seconds of continuous footage?

  1. Can we cut scenes/angles together or is this purely a competition of “individual shots”
  2. Is audio OK?

Not my best but the only opportunity in the timeframe to get to the local park (sober). Unedited photo, not helped by some slight drifting of the Mini2.

Happy Mount Park, Morecambe.
Tuesday August 3rd, approx. 6pm.
DJI Mini 2.


Sorry for the delay in replying,

Editing is confined to colour and exposure adjustments and crop only (still) plus zoom and frame rate (So you can video) There must be no removal or pasting of an object.

You can cut your video into as many scenes as you want and speed it up or slow it down = hyperlapses are welcome. The choice of soundtrack is yours. The only stipulation is that the video must be short - 30 seconds maximum.

All images, video or still, will be voted for by members of the GADC forum. It’s them you have to impress :slight_smile:

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  • Location: M23/M25 interchange, Merstham, Surrey
  • Time and date 1604 04/08/21
  • Aircraft/camera used DJI Mini2

The stack interchange at the M23/M25 is one of only three stack interchanges in the UK.

  • Location: M25 betweteen the on/off slips at Junction 7, Merstham, Surrey
  • Time and date 1604 04/08/21
  • Aircraft/camera used DJI Mini2

Some interesting facts about the m25: It opened in 1986 (same year as I) had its first breakdown hours after Maggie Thatcher opened it. It is 117 miles long and coat £7.5 million a mile to build. The highest point of the m25 is at Reigate Hill (Junction 8) at 700ft.


Where is everyone? Just another seven days to post your entries!



Jeez, have you not seen the weather?!

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Grounded due to wind , rain or work ,
however in desperation to submit an entry :-
My Duvet Cover
Mavic Air 2… Altitude 1.8m
Make …B&M
Filling …Synthetic


For goodness’ sake don’t let @PingSpike see that! It’s not quite straight, is it?


Very little call to view the weather here in our luxurious ivory tower. Is climate change doing its thing again?


Wickham, Hampshire.
1st August approx 10.30 am
DJI Mini 2

Natural symmetry so no sure which category really :grin: :grin:


The roof of Rushton Triangular Lodge.
(Northamptonshire near Rushton)

Taken 9th August 2021@ 13:11 with my DJIM2

Designed by Sir Thomas Tresham (father of one of the Gunpowder Plotters) and constructed between 1593 and 1597. It is a testament to Tresham’s Roman Catholicism: the number three, symbolising the Holy Trinity, is apparent everywhere. There are three floors, trefoil windows and three triangular gables on each side.


Remember - this competition closes on Saturday at 23:45.and will be the last RTF competition until the end of September.

But :-

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This may well be the most stressful photo I’ve ever seen. :flushed:

This was taken today (11th August) at Sea Palling, Norfolk using the DJI Mini 2.

I’m classing it as Nature, but possibly symmetry as well? Is it symmetry if the colours are different…? :thinking:

Also added to DroneScene here.


@rustybarnet well if you imagine a horizontal line drawn through the middle of your image I would say it’s symmetrical…Alan

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@rustybarnet lovely picture :clap:t5:


The subjects are nature and/or symmetry. Your fellow pilots will be voting so it’s down to them as to what they think. :slight_smile:

You have already earned two bonus votes for your Drone Scene addition - thanks!