RTH Altitude

Can you help with giving me an idea of what you would consider an ideal altitude to set?

Depends on the height of your surroundings at your flight location set it higher than the highest obstruction in your immediate vicinity. :+1:t2:


This :point_up:t2:

You’ll probably find you change it on each flight.

I usually fly out in the sticks but if I’m flying anywhere that has a potential obstacle I simply scan the local vicinity and look for the highest object.

If I don’t know how high it is, I fly over to it and simply climb until I’m above it, then set my RTH height :slight_smile:


Since I never fly beyond line of sight and own a Mini 2, which is very hard to see even when it isn’t that far away horizontally… I usually take it up slowly, camera at ZERO degrees tilt and slowing spin the drone round, until there is nothing sticking above the horizon, then add 20-30ft to that ( if it’s still within the 400ft limit of course) and that’s my return to home altitude… Doing a circle like this, you can see way futher than you should be flying away from yourself, so works a treat. At least it does in my case.

Just remember to make sure the camera is at 0 degrees tilt

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That’s easy, set your RTH to at least another 3m above the estimated height of the tallest structure in your surroundings

Only three meters higher?

You’re a braver man than I am @KayKay :rofl:


Exactly the same as my approach.

Not sure what you’re flying, but certainly on the Mini 2 you can also change the RTH behaviour so it will just hover in place if it loses signal.

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I’m typically 1 or 2 football fields higher than the tallest structure, but I didn’t want to reveal how paranoid a flyer I am. Now you’ve made me say it :see_no_evil:.

And don’t forget there are situations where loss of signal should be set to Hover rather than RTH. I make sure I change settings depending on location. Some flights for one of my clients are in wooded areas, RTH would be fatal….

Thanks for your feedback, I currently have it set for 50m but will certainly bear in mind all your suggestions

Not an answer but an observation.

The other day I flew my Mini2 out about 500m over a declining gradient. When I initiated RTH it ascended to 100m, the default in the settings. However once over the home point it was recording an altitude of 80m, a difference of 20m which matches the gradient, and proceeded to ascend to 100m altitude with respect to the homepoint before descending to land.

I just thought it odd.

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Sure I’ve seen a video on YouTube about this. Will see if I can find it.

I think it was Windswept Robbie/Robert in Scotland who posted a video on YouTube testing this.

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