RTH precision landing


After filming on Dartmoor, I triggered RTH and every thing worked brilliantly. Once on the landing pad, the motors didn’t switch off as normal and started to speed up. The ground was a little uneven but not excessive. I stopped the drone manually out of fear it might try to take off again. It might be obstacle avoidance but since the drone was on the mat I wonder why it would speed up the motors… any ideas?


How long was it on the mat before it sped up @Olid34?

You say the ground was uneven, but was it firm? Was the mat on grass, i.e. Not a firm surface? Could the mat have moved with the weight of the drone on it?

I’m wondering if the drone thought it hadn’t landed fully / successfully :thinking:


A few seconds. It semed to start to power down then speed up… It was on short grass. Never done this before and I’m not too concerned at the moment.


I’d suspect it’s the non-level landing.

I never use PL, but even manually in not level terrain (landing on a large rock half way up a mountain comes to mind), when one side touches down and it starts to tilt, it does try and re-level itself with the props on the low side (obviously) speeding up until I send the motor kill.

I’m guessing it makes total sense that the auto landing works the same way so that it doesn’t accidentally kill the motors before it knows, by all sensors, that it has indeed touched down.


Definitely, not concerned just interested. MP2 is sooooo sophisticated that I guess it is very cautious. Loving it though!


I’ve had this happen twice during testing, both times one leg was just off the landing pad - it appears that if the AC detects it’s slightly un-level it leaves the motors spinning - possibly to re-adjust if whatever it’s landed on gives way? I left the motors spinning the 2nd time and nothing happened - Just pull down to fully stop :+1:


Maybe the drone knew you were not allowed to land ON Dartmoor :wink: