No longer a rumour …

Interesting. The picture was posted immediately it was created. Google are quick off the mark

Duck Duck Go is so intrigued it has it twice and the current RTF (bottom left) for extra value!

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I Heard A Rumor Than I Blew Your Minds Allison Hargreeves GIF - I Heard A Rumor Than I Blew Your Minds Allison Hargreeves Emmy Raver Lampman GIFs

Coca-Cola Christmas truck challenge :thinking:

Someone at Challcom HQ is getting sacked :rofl:

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Careful what you wish for. The only ones with a secure tenure are the Birthday Challenge Crew. And they can be a touch stern …

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The Fun and Friendly edit competition is finally being restarted ? :pray:

We are attempting to hold in-depth discussions with Herr Fun und Friendly who, it seems, needs to be very gently coaxed back to Chall Com HQ.

It appears that he finds the atmosphere in the bunker neither Fun nor Friendly, especially during the reign of terror that is the annual summer occupation by the Birthday Challenge Nazis judges, Despite our very best efforts and nearly a whole packet of custard creams, he is still cowering behind his sofa like a geriatric Doctor Who watcher.

Watch this space …



One of the handlers had the bright idea of using jammie dodgers as an alternative lure for Herr Fun und Friendly and he has been coaxed back to his workstation with an additional whispered promise that the Birthday Challenge Crew will be replaced by adjuticatabots this year so there will be no bullying in the Chall Com bunker corridors.

Check out the action here

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New Competition Announced!