Sad Mavic Mini in a tree

So should pre-face this with the drone is gone, where who knows.

so after doing some flying with @chealen and his Mavic mini on Friday (12th) it got taken by the wind and in to a tree. The drone is gone now (as of Sunday 14th).

I took my inspire up to try and rescue it using a magnet on the Saturday and had no luck but have photos of the drone in the tree for everyone to look at and give sympathy.

Mavic Mini lost but not forgotten :cry:


Sad times, but well said “Lost but not forgotten” @M6SSO

Also adding insult to injury according to members of the public, they saw people playing frisbee with my drone and might now be at the bottom of the lake. If this is the case at least they didn’t get my SD card because if I cant have the footage … no one can !!



What’s the In flight wind speed from airdata?

15.8mph (based off my Airdata at the same time as his drone went missing)

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In that case seems impossible that it was wind that put it in the tree, no?

Oh but that screenshot is just the forecast not the mesures in-flight wind.

That is the Historic weather for the flight. I don’t know of any other wind speed for the flight in AirData.

peak wind was 33.8 Mph at 82° SW

It’s in your screenshot “InFlight wind”.

(Also 82° wind is easterly not SW!)

Either way this seems to be pilot error more than wind.

I’m Relaying what I see on AirData.

The direction of the wind is where it’s coming from not where it’s going, so 82 degrees is from the East, near enough.

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That^ And it’s going W not SW!

@M6SSO I mourn its departure, lost but not forgotten. Sh*t happens when you least want it.

I suppose the tree is very, very high?

I hope you get it back one way or the other.

must have been well wedged, guessing you tried taking off again, just really to shake it lose if nothing else

You need to harry up and get your drone spring is here soon and leaves will grow

you should be able to get that with a stick or fishing rod and line

Just Seen this, Anyone’s on here?


Haha yea the drone was gone by Sunday morning. Walked around the floor by the tree for a good hour with a stick lifting up leaves and other c##p. So definitely gone

It was about 51 ft up (20m ish up based off my inspire altimeter when trying to rescue it with a magnetic grapple. That was Saturday evening by Sunday morning (14th) the drone was gone spent about 1 1/2 hours looking for it on the floor and can’t find a trace of it but apparently a member of the public who saw me trying to rescue it with my inspire saw some teens throwing something vaguely drone shaped across the pond in the day so may be in a watery grave now vs a leafy one.

Landed there due to low battery so was a forced landing with no option to take off. By the time @chealen had walked back to where I was packing up my inspire and we walked back the drone had died.

Tragic. Don’t you just hate trees?

Bad day. Wheres a cherry picker when you need one huh.

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