Samsung a5

Hi all any ideas why the app dosent work on my Samsung A5 and yet it works on my wife’s iPhone 6 ?? Iv got a BEBOP 2 …

@Gazz I used to use a galaxy s8 but then switched to bt 300 moverio glasses. The go4 app is primarily designed for iOS. Dji added it to android as an afterthought. You may find that it is not compatible with the a5. Have a look to see what handsets dji support😀

You may have missed one important fact …

@Gazz - I fear the small number of members with the BEBOP 2 means possible causes/solutions may not be as forthcoming as they tend to be for the more populous drone models.

I hope you manage to find a solution. :+1:

Hi that means iphone or is there a ios compatable tab or phone other than ipones ? Plus i took bebop up to 22m and it lost signal for about 15 seconds put then picked it up again i was in vic pk southport in open space,

sorry not enough coffee:thinking:

When you say it does not work, does freeflight pro app not open? Or does it not connect to controller?

Only using my phone not got a controller as yet but it will connect to the app and drone says connected but when i press take off it just takes off and hovers at 2 ft and the app says app. Stopped working so i stand and wait till it runs out of battery .but as i saidd

As i said i downloaded app on a iphone and it works great so iphone and a controller i think :thinking:

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A sky controller will make a massive difference to stability and range, so I’d make that your first purchase. Should be able to get one on eBay.

Freeflight pro should work on your phone though. I’ve had it running on a lower spec android tablet.

Ok thank for all your input controller here i come…:wink:

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You could try putting your phone in flight mode then connecting to the drone. Many android devices shut down a WiFi connection if it senses there’s no Internet.

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Yep tried that as well still didn’t work even uninstalled app and down loaded it again think i need to start again and see if I’m missing something daft,

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You could try an older version of FFP.

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