Saphos trains promo video

The finished article after my trains clips earlier this year.

Be interested to hear thoughts


Really well put together Lee, Great promo video.

If I really had to pull it up on something it would be the speed ramp 1:09, not sure it fits in with the rest.

Overall though, magical :ok_hand: :heart_eyes:

thanks steve,

I’ll be honest i didn’t do the edit but know what you mean, I just did the drone footage the guys i worked with did the handheld and edits.

An excellent video Lee.
Well put together and stunning images.

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Hi Lee,

My first post / reply on GADC. Very professional Drone footage , when was it filmed? How long did it take to do?

The mix with the onboard stuff is well done , all in all a good promo.



this one was shot on 3 days due to weather and covid, shot in june time this year. train by the river one day, the other clips the following week and the interiors a few weeks later.

thanks for the good feedback

Not wishing to appear thick, but who or what is Saphos ? the train footage is the Dartmouth Steam Railway line that runs from Paignton to Kingswear as you will know, I live in Paignton and see the trains almost daily.

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Saphos organise the trips, we’re on their Christmas Sparkle in December.

Is this the payment? or did you get hard cash :smiley:

Thanks for your answer, hope you enjoy the Christmas Sparkle, the xmas Train Of lights will be running again this year after not being able to last year due to covid, would be great to film them when running

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Don’t think I’d have got £770 for a few minutes with my Mini 2 :joy:

hi dave

they are special trains run by statesman rail, this had come down from the midlands for the day, with silver service and 5 course dinner, something like the royal scot engine on the front.

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Hi Lee I watched a program on the TV a few months ago and it must have been about one of those trips. the one I saw went from the Midlands down to Cornwall,. Part of the trip was on the Paignton to Kingswear line that you filmed, but I maybe wrong, but I seem to remember that part was done on one of our local steam trains.

Yes it was featured on one of the programs on channel 5 i think.
It is on the kingswear line but they actually let these trains on the line then after the passengers have offloaded take the engine back to Galmpton to turn it around
I’m not a train person but they are pretty cool to see

I am very lucky where I live to have steam trains running here, I am not a train person but they are a joy to see. There is a lovely costal path walk from Goodrington To Broadsands with so many good vantage points to see them. Not an easy walk due to all the steps both up and down, but a lovely walk in the winter when all the visitors have all gone home

got this the same day as the clip at dartmouth but was a bit grey for the final cut

I am 67 years old and have three different routes I ride my ebike on most days weather permitting. One is from my home to Berryhead and another one is what I call my beach ride. The beach huts at the start of the video have now been removed for the winter, I do a beach cycle ride starting in Paignton, then to Preston, on to Torquay then back through Preston, Paignton and onto Goodrington where you started. filming.

Only up to the café you can see then back home which is close to Paignton Zoo. I really enjoyed this clip, once past the café there were two places I have flown my drone with the most used site Broadsands right at the end of the clip. I wish I was as brave as you as far as flying my drone is concerned.

it’s a beautiful spot, enjoyed the whole process of scouting it and shooting it.

In terms of braveness this was one of the easy ones, the shoot at dartmouth was a bit more nerve racking as shooting from a small moving boat in the middle of the river so I could shoot the whole section from leaving the station to leaving the river. Didn’t help the drone disconnected viewing signal at the end of the river section.