Scotland is awesome

Scotland, a Mavic and a campervan are a brilliant combination.


Great pics! Hoping to head up that way myself, next summer.

These are definitely worthy of the Green Flyer Badge and, for the first one, the Golden Hour Flyer Badge on your profile :+1:

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You really should. But take twice as long as you think you’ll need as you’ll stop a lot!
PS is there a flying in mental gale badge!

I like Scotland as well got a lot of photos to upload just have not had time yet for example isle of sky,Glenfinnan viaduct,

Indeed’as are your photos,cracking shots there mate,haven’t been to Scotland for years,must really think about doing so. :+1::+1:

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Couple off photos from my trip to Scotland in August


Cracking shots, @knewt! Can I ask if filters were used and what settings?

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Thanks :+1:. Some of them have a little of the HDR tool in Snapseed, but in most instances the water really is that blue!


Champion shots



Where were they shot?

So jealous, we spent a month in a campervan touring the outer Hebrides earlier this year, but I got my drone AFTER the holiday!!
Love to go back there with it now.

Nothing wrong with with a tad of HDR …

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Cheers! The top one is Kenmore. You can sleep by the side of the loch and the oldest pub in Scotland is five mins walk! Perfect. Also took the attached one there with a Sony A7iii. And they’ve got ducks, I love ducks!
The big mountain shots are Glencoe, which is overwhelmingly beautiful.
The coastal shots are around Arisaig.
The ones I want to go back for are around Loch Maree, near Gairloch. It was just too wet, windy and dull to bother.
I’ve done it before but using a sony strapped onto an RC plane. The results with the MP2 are a billion times better and more consistent. The way that thing copes with a 35mph blow is ridiculous!
The only problem doing it in a campervan is you realise you could live your life that way, which makes coming home a bit crap!


You;'ve just proven that Scotland IS awesome! Love it man. Fab pics!

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Have you manage to capture the Milky Way in your photo looks very vague but I think I can see it.

Good spot. Reckon so, it’s much clearer in the full res version :+1:

The duck shot is awesome .

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I wish that was a drone shot! :wink:

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Tried air to air with varying degrees of success :scream: One below is a success. The other is a massive stroke of luck as it shows a part flying off the RC model that hit me but all it did was slightly crack the LE of a prop!

I used to ski most weekends at Glenshee and Glencoe never had a drone then :frowning: also never had a drone when I came home for first time in a long time 9 years ago when my mates and I did the Caledonian canoe trip from Fort William to Inverness I got lots of great shots but think now how much better it would have been with a drone as well