Searching by Point of Interest

Apologies if this has already been asked/requested, but I was wondering if it would be possible to be able to search by point of interest names when the exact postcode/co-ordinates are not known. Currently I have to find the location on google maps to then try and copy the co-ordinates across etc which could be a lot easier if I could just search by name directly in Drone Scene.

As an example I wanted to search for Bures Dragon which I could find if I entered into google or even drone assist, but with the additional layers available in drone scene I then take the additional step of copying the coordinates again just to ensure there are no NT/SSSI issues.

Many thanks for considering this in advance!


What do you mean by “point of interest” Amit? :thinking:

If I type “Bures Dragon” in to Drone Scene it doesn’t produce any results. I’m guessing that’s because Bures Dragon isn’t the same of a town. We limit the search fields to just town, postcode, co-ordinates as that’s all people have used in the past :blush:

I might be oversimplifying it, but if I type “Bures” in to Drone Scene and hit return, it zooms me in to here, and I can see Bures Dragon just to the right.

Let us know what what you mean by point of interest and we’ll see what we can accommodate :slight_smile:

If I type in “Bures Dragon” in drone assist as an example it will pinpoint to the exact landmark/POI… see screenshot below. Where this becomes helpful is if I see a drone video or photo of a location where the POI is mentioned but not any exact corodinates or address it helps me locate it rather than going back and forwards between apps. Hope that makes sense.

Thanks @amitlathia

We’re currently looking in to this feature request and will get back to you :blush:

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