Second bash at flying around Salisbury Cathedral

Wednesday 27 June. Hot sunny day, blue sky.
Launch time 19:40 Looking East.
Path length 4.4 Km, 18 minutes flight time.
Circuit 1 140 metres altitude.
Circuit 2 80 Metres altitude.
Mavic Pro.
Filmed 4K normal colour.

I don’t like the over colour here, the house roofs look too red and over saturated.
Will have to try another video setting.

Video is twisted !
Don’t know how I did that.

The problem with the Mavic is that it records video in 4 GB chunks, then starts a completely new video file
with a new name, after about 11 minutes.
I have to stitch the files together to make a single video.


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Some nice bits in there.

What video editing software do you use?

I have an old version of Sony Vegas, the old computer has just enough power to join the two video files together to make one video, and that’s it.
Try to edit anything and the system crashes.

Mavic recorded in 4K, but only gets to 1080p on youtube.
I need to put together a new computer and video software to make 4k videos.

You may find your old computer/Vegas is far more stable if you recorded in 1080 on the MP.
My old laptop was fine with 1080, and frequently threw a wobbly with anything more.

Edit: If you want to record in 4k to keep, you could use Handbrake to create a 1080 copy for editing, if your computer/Vegas is happier in 1080.

Thanks, I will try that !
For now.
I have just bought a Gopro Hero 6 camera, 4K video.
Same problem with the video editing.
Video Technology is rapidly moving along.

Will have to buy something like Corel Pinnacle software for 4K video editing,
and build a fast computer to run it !

Take a look at the free version of Davinci Resolve! Probably does (more than?) everything you’ll need. It’s very 4k friendly.

Thanks Ozone !
I will take a look at that.